How on Earth: Partying is Hard

Yookie and Minnie wants to be cool. They decided to get fake IDs and make their way to the coolest bar in town. They take their first shot, dance the night away, and be all kewl! So what could wrong? Well, it's Yookie and Minnie. You should be surprised when NOTHING goes wrong.

HOW ON EARTH: Adventures of Yookie and Minnie

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Episode 1: There's No Music In Hell 
Episode 2: Studying is Hard
Episode 3: Happy Valentine's
Episode 4: It's Snowing
Episode 5: New Friends
Episode 6: Talent Contest
Episode 7: Getting a Job is Hard
Episode 8: Dreaming is Hard Episode 9: Social Media is Hard
Episode 10: Partying is Hard
Episode 11: Building an Image is Hard


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