The Assassin

And you slither
Your sword slaying the sheet
The pain and the hopes and the in between
Soaking the once safe sweet space
With delirious awakening

And you slither
Your claws slitting the sky

The anguish and the strength and the in between
Sneaking into the unconscious
With an apogee of relief

And you slither
Your eyes snatching the secrets
The unwilling and the waiting and the in between
Pushing the shyness
In the shimmering fire of the sun

And you slither
The ink of of you truth tattooing the soul
The escaped and the lost and the in between
Staring through the naked spirit
Inviting the world to see

You smothered us into pieces
Forcing us to bleed the silenced serenade
… the forgotten desires
… the abandoned paths
… the rejected selves

We stretch our hand to grip your strength
You push us to walk the solitude of unknown

You are merciless

And deep within our seeking
We know someday we will find you
Slithering with love


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