Reno and Lake Tahoe

We had less than a month to prepare but we pushed for it because snow was starting to melt.

Past my two-year mark in the US, I wanted to experience ski lessons. I knew we weren't be able to get the best deals but with so little time, we had to lower our expectations.

We stayed in Reno to meet our friend's friends.

Leaving Friday before lunch, with two food break and five more bladder breaks, we got to Reno at 7PM.

We checked out the local park.

Had some drinks at the casino before retiring at midnight.

The next morning, we went to Mt. Rose for the skiing lessons. I wouldn't recommend it.

Advantage: Cheap

  • Instructors don't pay enough attention to students
  • Instructors weren't good teachers
  • Disorganized check in system 

Coming from a tropical country, the snow was a stranger to me. Even just the feel it of it around me was new. Instructors should have taken that into account.

An amateur skier told us, the first thing they should have done was make us feel comfortable with the ski.

We went to another skit place to meet back with our friends' friends. It was a much more "kid friendly" place and we got to play around a bit more.

We had dinner at the hotel's All You Can Eat restaurant. I also won't recommend it. The $25 was not worth it.

The next day, we only had time for breakfast before heading home. The drive as good because I got to be the passenger. I was able to appreciate the view more. I love shotgun.

It was a quick weekend getaway but a getaway nonetheless.

Lessons Learned:

  • Skiing lessons should be taken in a controlled group environment. 
  • Don't rush the drive. There is as much joy in the view as there is in the destination. 
  • Take time to do group snow activities and when you do, let go of inhibitions. Just bask in it. 


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