Brilliant Words of Wisdom For a Happy Life

Advertising... where creativity and sanity meet.... where love and hate work as one... where straight lines are unwelcome. The demands of the job are totally priceless and actually useless but somehow, it attracts the best people, the most creative, the smartest... because only the smart people can make sense out of something pointless.

So, between pitches, creative sessions, business and marketing plans... when every last sane brain cell has been used up but the job requires more... long after the energy is gone and concept of an actual life has been forgotten... we come together for some booze, food and laughter.

More often than not, some really brilliant ideas and truths come out.

Here are some of the best advises Take each advise to heart, it will save your sanity and happiness.

Think Like a Queen, Act Like a Gangsta

Ignore the haters.
Do what you’re supposed to do.
Don’t stoop down to their level.
Don’t let them put you down.
Come on, you got this.

Delay the Stupid

The truth is that people actually know when they are supposed to do something stupid. They just do it anyway.
Now, when you are in that moment and you know that you will give in to your stupidity, delay it. Just delay it for like, a week… or a day… or half a day… or for an hour… or for ten guddam minutes. There’s a greater chance of of your smart cells fighting for a chance to get used.

Do It In Front of a Mirror First

Try crying in front of a mirror first and see how ugly you look so that WHEN you do feel like crying in front of other people, you’ll remember how ugly you look crying. Then you can “revise” you crying face and make it look sexy and dishevelled instead of an ugly pathetic moron.
Apply the same principle in other situations such as getting drunk, laughing out loud, and others.

It Never Makes Sense

If life makes sense, there wouldn’t be famine, there wouldn’t be illegal drugs, good people won’t suffer and children will play with angels.
Life doesn’t make sense. Just live it.

This is Pretty Much It

What you get here, what you do here, is all you will get. This is pretty much it. The sooner you accept that, the sooner you can live your life to the fullest.

Never Posses Something You’re Too Scared to Lose

Because that will drive you down to madness and dumbness.

All Else Equal, Choose the Funny One

If you are one of them chosen few who gets more than their fair share of suitors, if you can’t choose because everyone seems equal, choose the funny one.

Bullshit Smells Good and is Free

That’s why people get a lot of it.

Know Who You Are So You Don’t Confuse Yourself with Someone Else

This is how hypocrites start off. They don’t know who they are so they pretend to be someone else. In the rare times they actually know who they are, they try to deny it.

Someone is Always Better Than You

Most likely… an Asian.

On a Good Day, You Get a Tenth of What You Give

… so you better give more if you want to get more. Yeah, it’s never fair but there’s nothing you can do about it either except deal with it.

The Truth has Several Variations

Try to see all the variations, it’s the secret to being smarter. Catch up.

Just Accept that You Will Never Be Good Enough for Some People

… even if you actually are good enough. So, eff them all, right? You do your best and they can go eff themselves.

Act Your Beauty

If you want a trophy girlfriend/boyfriend, be a trophy girlfriend/boyfriend. If you want an intelligent partner, be an intelligent person.

Make the Most Out of Your Mistake

You already made it, might as well use it to learn something, right?


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