Outdoor Writing Sessions

I like watching people.
The stories they tell, through words or actions, beat all the greatest fantasies ever told.

I like looking at the sky.
I am hoping angels will fly across it.

I like breathing fresh air.
Oxygen is a necessity to stay alive. Clean air is necessary for a healthy life.

I like trees and mountains and the ocean.
It's way better than concrete walls.

That's is why I often go out to write. It may be a park or the mountain or the beach... it doesn't matter, as long as it's nature. I have an outdoor writing session bag and here are the contents.

Water resistant blanket

I got mine from Amazon. I like this one because it's easy to wash, water resistant and huge. I do take naps when I am outdoors.

Power bank
I like my stuff in color because it's easier to find inside bags which are usually lined with black cloth. This one is thin, light and can sustain both my laptop and phone the whole day

Notebook (small laptop)

Although I prefer Apple products, my notebook is a PC because it was dirt cheap and I only really use it for when I go outside to write.

I've always favored Japanese brands when it comes to laptops... well, next to Apple. My Mac stays indoors, Toshiba is my go-to for laptops I bring to everywhere. They are sturdy and last me a lifetime.

Sketchpad and pencil
Just in case inspiration strikes. I have a small one and a pencil case.


This was a gift from a friend and I have fallen in love with infused water since. You can buy this on ebay or Amazon.


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