Palos Verdes: Sophisticated Heaven

Palos Verdes Terranea has one of the best easy hikes in the California. It's hardly a hike, in fact. It's more like a walk along with the open water on one side and the green hill on the other.

There's a little bit of luxury too. At the end of the hike, you have the option of sitting down a luxurious coffee or dinner place that sells overpriced but, otherwise, good food.

We didn't take the bait because $12 for a cup of coffee is something my credit card will largely oppose.

Favorite Sanctuary

My favorite, however, part of Palos Verdes is the Wayfarer's Chapel. With only the green leaves obstructing ones view of the sky from inside the church, a minimalist interior and beautiful garden, I can't help but feel my sins being washed away whenever I set foot in it.

My Parents' Visit


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