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Iridescent Post #37: Yoongi Accepts that Jimin is Changing

Iridescent Post #36: Taetae Starts a Podcast

Transcript of Taetae's Podcast (Suga's Part) 

Suga: (Over the Phone) You have a podcast?
Taetae: Yes, hyung! The very successful InTAElligent Words with Kim Taetae!
Suga: Since when?
Taetae: Since today. 
Suga: How can this be successful when this is your first episode?
Taetae: I’m a popular guy and my instagram and Twitter followers are asking advice from me.
Suga: You have 34 followers on Instagram!
Taetae: That’s 20 more than you. 
Suga: You obviously can’t read. 
Taetae: Don’t worry, hyung. You are my guest advisor today. Your participation here will increase your fans by 100 percent. 
Suga: I’m hanging up. 
Taetae: I’ll treat you to lunch
Suga: Bye. 
Taetae: And dinner.
Taetae: 3 lunches and 3 dinners!
Suga: Let’s saves the lives of your fans!
Taetae: You hear that Tribe. This is the rapper you stan.
Suga: Are you going to ask the question or not?
Taetae: Dear Taetae, 
I am in love with my bestfriend. We have known each other since grade school but she is in a loving and healthy relationship with someone else. I want to continue showing my love for her without crossing the line. It is hard for me to see them together but I know that it will be harder not having her in my life. I would rather be just a friend and have her in my life than be a stranger. How do I show my love and support without crossing the line? How do I love someone I can’t have?FriendOnly90

Well, FriendOnly90, if I were you, I’d steal her from him BUT that is why I am not the one giving advises because I suck at life. Don’t you ever listen. 

Suga: Why the fuck did you make a podcast then?
Taetae: So people like you can give advises. So what do you think he should do. 
Suga: I dunno. The fuck do I know about masochism?
Taetae: He is not a masochist. He is still happy to be a part of her life. Sure, he is sad but he said he would rather be a part of her life. 
Suga: Sounds like a masochist to me. 
Taetae: So you’re saying he should end the friendship.
Suga: No. I didn’t say that. Did you hear me say that? 
Taetae: No. 
Suga: Idiot. How are you still alive?
Taetae: Suga hyung, when the world ends, there will be three things that will survive, cockroaches, plastic and Taetae. 
Suga: That is scary. 
Taetae: So, what should this masochist do? How does he love someone he can’t have. 
Suga: …
Taetae: Suga hyung?
Suga: He should do just that. 
Taetae: What? Do what?
Suga: Just love her. Be… there for her when she needs him… listen when she wants to talk… keep her company when she needs to be away from the boyfriend because there will be times like that. I mean, no relationship is perfect. They will fight or she will complain or whatever. Just be the guy she runs to. Be the shoulder she cries on. And when he feels like he is doing something wrong or he is not enough for him or… you know… when he feels shitty, make him realize how precious and perfect he is because… he is perfect and he needs to know that everyday. 
I think… there will be times, days, weeks or even months when he won’t even see you but when he does, be there.I guess what I am saying is just… be there for him. Listen. Understand. And when you feel like you can’t do it anymore, watch him laugh or listen to him talk and I promise you, you’ll feel just as happy.  I mean, it will not be easy but loving is like that. It’s about the person you love and not you.
Taetae: It’s a she, hyung. 
Suga: Huh? 
Taetae: I mean that was one great advice but he is in love with a girl. You kept on saying ‘he’.
Suga: Oh. 
Taetae: Yeah, 'oh'.  

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