Iridescent (A YoonMin / MiniMini Couple Multi Media Novel): Chapter 3

This chapter is dedicated to the 21 blog entries/short stories that Jimin will write as his 21st birthday gift to Yoongi. The story will proceed on Chapter 4

Chapter 3 (Special Chapter) |

Part 1: When Yoongi Hyung Saved My Future

It was my fault and I admitted it. Of course no one listened because I was the model straight A student who is friends with everybody and talks politely all the time. I was a school body PR Officer and the most popular boy in school.

It didn’t stop me from admitting what I did. I went forward and recounted the events that lead me to destroy Jelshem’s bike back when I was a sophomore in High School.

MOTIVE: I knew Jelshem was the one that trashed the mural I did in school.

OPPORTUNITY: I knew exactly what time Jelshem arrives at school and where he parks his bike because we enter the gate at almost the exact same time everyday.

MEANS: I used the shears of the janitors to break every part of the bike. I, as a friend of everyone in the student body, knew where they keep the master key that opens several offices including the janitor’s office.

No one believed me. They all think it’s circumstantial. They all think I didn’t have it in me to be mean, violent or angry.

WITNESSES: The basketball team, the same team Jelshem is in,  was practicing that morning I trashed the bike and they saw me going to the direction of the where the bike was parked.

I accidentally dropped my sketch book near the bike parking area in my haste to leave. That places me in the scene of the crime.

They almost believed me. Almost.

Until Yoongi hyung came forward and told everyone he was the one who did it because he was pissed at what Jelshem did to my mural.

I was mad as hell because he was already on probation. One more offense and he was getting kicked out.

“It’s okay, Jimin,” Yoongi said. “I’m living breathing mess. At some point, I would punch someone or curse or whatever. I will get kicked out regardless. I might as well get kicked out for you. There’s no sense in messing up your record. Mine is messed up to oblivion already.”

He was given another chance if he would only apologize to Jelshem. He refused. Instead, Yoongi hyung left a note on my mural that Jelshem vandalized.
Anyone ever lay a hand on Jimin one more time and all that will be left of you is the proverbial wish you have never been born. I have nothing more to lose,  - Yoongi
I would never forget that day. Rain was falling like spears cutting through all the empty spaces. I ran to the tree house… the tree house we built for each other, the tree house we consider our sanctuary, our tree house. He was sitting on the floor, head bowed and strands of his mint green hair perfectly cover his face. There’s a pillow on his lap where his notebook of lyrics and ideas are resting. I don’t remember exactly what happened. I think I ran to him and started punching his chest like a child. I think I yelled at him. I think I said things that neither of us could really comprehend because I was too broken to make sense.

The next thing I remember I was crying. I was sitting between his legs and his arm was cradling me, keeping me together.

I cried and cried and cried… a jumbled mess of guilt, anger and sadness.

“Jimin-ah,” Yoongi hyung said. “There is nothing I can say right now that will make you feel better. But I hope you know that I am sorry… not for taking the fall for you but for not being in school earlier that day. If I got to the school before you did, I would have done worse to Jelshem. I probably wouldn’t be kicked out now, I would be in jail. You save me, Jimin-ah.”

“Hyung,” I struggled to say.

“Shhhh,” Yoongi hyung said, pressing his lips to my temple. “I am sorry for not protecting you better. I am sorry for being an asshole. I am sorry that people hurt you so they can get back at me. I am sorry. I should have been a better person for you.

“No, hyung… no…”

“Jimin-ah, I promise… from, I will try to be the person that deserves you.”

The things is… it was I who never deserved the purity of his love.

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