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Q: You guys are still whipped for each other.

Joon: That never changed.

Q: How do you do it, though? I mean, almost every couple I’ve met always say staying married is a lot of work. Was there ever a time you wanted out?

Everyone: No.

Q: Wow. Really?

Jhope: There were a lot of times it was hard. That much is true. We are not happy 24/7. We have problems like any other couple but there was never a time, I think it’s clear I can speak for everyone, there was never a time we wanted out.

Joon: Even when we fight or angry at each other or we still love each other and we know that. We are sure of that. I think that’s what makes it work, the security of knowing that love is there, no matter what so it’s easier to work through problems, arguments, whatever.

Suga: When we fight, Jimin wins. It all works out.

*Everyone laughs*

Q: Seriously, Suga. Everyone is so amazed at just how whipped you are with Jimin. I mean, everyone is with their partners. So, I guess it’s not just “making it work” but actually keeping the fire burning.

Suga: I am lucky to have the kindest, purest and hot husband. Falling in love with him over and over again is easy but in turn, I try to make him fall in love with me too. It’s both the little things and the big things. I try to be the best version of myself in every way everyday. That’s the most important things. And then there are the “cute” things you, know. He is hot. There’s like, a million people out there that would jump at any chance to get him. I can’t be as hot as he is but I try my best.

*Jimin is red as a tomato from laughing*

Jimin: What are you talking about. You’re the one with a billion fans.

Suga: They just like my music. They like you.

Jimin is so red, waving at the camera as if to say stop the recording.

Suga: I’m fuckin’ serious. I’m supposed to be the celebrity but he has more suitors. We go out to have dinner and I can’t blink without having 5 girls and guys try to give him their number.

Jimin: Oh my god, he is making this up.

Suga: May the heaven strike me with lighting right now if I am lying. When was that… oh, just last week. I went to visit him at Marvel, I bought coffee, his favorite muffin and i bought one long-stemmed rose. When I entered his room, there were four… fuckin’ four bouquets with a dozen flowers each. I fuckin’ look like a loser.

Jimin: That never happened.

Suga: You know what his assistant told me? Mr. Min, that rose better be made of diamonds because you’re so getting owned right now.

Suga: Stop making up stories! *laughing*

Jin: This is a true story. He actually called me panicking. He said he needs to outdo those idiots courting Jimin.

Jungkook: What did you advise?

Jin: I told him to give Jimin the best kiss he has ever had.

Q: So did you?

Suga: I tried.

*Jimin is still laughing*

Q: Tried?

Suga: He kept on laughing, I couldn’t kiss him properly.

Jimin: How will I not laugh? He barged into my room and shoved all the bouquets of flowers on my desk, broke my stapler, my puncher, my desk organizer, countless pencils and my file organizer! Then said “I will give you the best kiss you’ve ever had.” Oh my god, my room was a mess.

Suga: That was supposed to be romantic!

Jimin: The stapler landed on my assistant’s foot!

Suga: That brat deserves it.

Q: I think it’s safe to say humour plays a big part in keeping the fire alive.

Suga: I wasn’t trying to be funny!

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“Jimin, come out of there,” Yoongi said as he knocks on the door of the emergency exit. The Oscar party is being held at the rooftop of JW Marriott and Jimin decided to lock himself up at the staircase.

“Go away,” Jimin said from the other side of the door.

“I can’t, I’m your date, remember?” Yoongi said, palm flat and forehead leaning head against the door.

“I do but it seems it was you who forgot,” Jimin spat.

“Jimin, she was dancing with US,” Yoongi said.

“No, she was grinding at you and you liked it so much you didn’t even notice I left,” Jimin said.

“She was just… putting a show for everyone, it was funny watching her. It didn’t mean anything to me, Jimin. Come on, everyone was cheering. It was just entertaining but… Jimin, please, please open the door,” Yoongi begged.

Several seconds passed before he hears some shuffling from Jimin’s side until finally the doorknob clicks. Yoongi turns it and pushes the door open to a pouting Jimin, leaning against the wall.

God, what he wouldn’t give to kiss those lips again.

Jimin is tearing his bow tie to pieces and if Yoongi isn’t so distracted by Jimin’s thick lips and swollen eyes, he would be royally impress because that’s a Gucci tie. Those things were made to outlast gravity.

“I’m sorry,” Yoongi said. It’s not that he has nothing else to say. He has one year of things to say all bottled up inside, mostly consisting of how much he loves Jimin but he can’t say those things now. Right before he left from the tour, he promised Jimin he will never insist on getting back together again with him. It was the only thing he could do to make Jimin at least talk with him. He is not about to break another promise to his JImin.

“Do you like her ass?” Jimin asked.

“It’s not,” Yoongi exclaimed even before he could actually think of an answer. He sighs. “She has a nice ass. I don’t particularly like it and I don’t particularly hate it. I am very neutral to it.” I like yours though is what Yoongi actually wanted to say in the end but held back.

“Tell me what I can do to make it up,” Yoongi said.
Jimin shakes his head, his fluffy hair twirling like a hoola, “It’s okay. I shouldn’t have gotten angry anyway. You can have anybody’s ass grind against you. We’re not together, anyway.”

There’s a ‘you broke my heart’ hidden in those words and Yoongi thinks heart is breaking again. Amazing, considering it was shattered into pieces the minute Jimin broke up with him.

“We’re just friends now,” Jimin said.

Yoongi thinks universe is crushing him. ‘We’re not together’ is swirling around him like a tornado and it’s shredding him to pieces. He might never be whole again and he thinks he deserves that.
Jimin looks at him, still pouting, eyes round and waiting and despite him breaking, he still wants to give Jimin whatever it is he was waiting for but he doesn’t know what it is.

So, he steps back and leans against the staircase steel handrails and closes his eyes because that’s what he needs to keep himself from reaching out to Jimin to kiss him. Jimin is still leaning against the wall, probably six feet away from him but it feels like a lightyear away. He doesn’t know how long he can bear it.

He keeps his eyes tightly shut. Maybe if he keeps it close the world will disappear. He will be left all alone in the world and he will be free to scream his love for Jimin.

Then a hand cups his cheeks. He opens his eyes and Jimin is just a few inches away from him.
Jimin looks so fuckin’ good, so fuckin’ pure and he is an asshole for even thinking he deserves a piece of Jimin. He has absolutely no idea how Jimin manages to look this good. He looks like a ball of lettuce tossed around by 20 elephants but Jimin looks like he was bathed by angels. He takes a deep breath and silently reminds himself of the promise he made to Jimin. He has to remind himself that he not the right person for Jimin. Jimin deserves someone better. Not him. He isn’t even good.

“I’m sorry. I’m so immature. I am always acting like a baby when I’m with you. Sorry,” Jimin said, rubbing his thumb against his cheek gently before pulling back and turning to the door. “Let’s go back.”

And here is the thing, Yoongi thinks that his promise can fuck itself in the ass.

He grabs Jimin’s wrist and pulls the boy towards him and he kisses him, his other hand cupping Jimin’s cheeks. And oh god, oh god. He shouldn’t be doing this but he can’t stop himself because he misses those thick lips. He misses those those chubby cheeks. He misses that breezy sweet natural smell of Jimin’s body. He misses Jimin. And maybe he will regret this but he just need to have this now because he swears, he swears his chest will explode if doesn’t let all this affection out of his body.

So he lets himself go. As gentle as he could manage. He kisses Jimin, allowing his lips to dance against the boy’s lips, licking ever so gently. He could feel it, he could feel himself wanting more and he knows… he knows he shouldn’t. This is a stretch in itself because it was Jimin who broke up with him. It was Jimin who said he wasn’t happy anymore. It was Jimin who wanted freedom.

So Yoongi pulls away but he doesn’t let the boy go, their forehead touches and he knows Jimin is looking at him even though his eyes are still closed.

Fuck his promise.

“I miss you,” Yoongi whispered. “Please… please take me back. I promise I’ll do better this time. I promise I’ll try harder. I promise to stop being a jerk. I was selfish and unreasonable. I promise I won’t be anymore. Please, Jimin. Please take me back.”

Jimin’s breathe hitches and he freezes for a good five seconds before pulling back.

“I didn’t break up with you because you were a jerk. I broke up with you because I wasn’t making you happy anymore,” Jimin said.

Yoongi opens his eyes. Jimin is pressed between him and the wall. He doesn’t even know how they moved to this position.

“Jimin, all you have to do is breathe to make me happy,” Yoongi said, shocked at Jimin for thinking otherwise.

“We were… I just always made you angry. No matter what I did, I always upset you,” Jimin said. “And that wasn’t what I wanted. I wanted to make you happy, not angry and if I wasn’t doing that, then there was no point of me being your boyfriend.”

“I was stupid,” Yoongi said, sighing. He takes Jimin’s hand, he misses that too. He plays with them as he tries to form the words to these thoughts he should have told Jimin a long time ago. “I just couldn’t handle not having you all the time.”

“But we were never together all the time, hyung. You were touring. For a time, I was in Detroit and you were here,” Jimin said. “You had your own life and I had mine.”

“Yeah but whenever I wanted to spend time with you, all I had to do was call. I was so used to me being your only world. I didn’t realize you were still a kid, you were growing up. You needed to pursue your own passion the way I did and it’s all because I was a jerk, immature, stupid, selfish, prick…”

“You’re still my only world, hyung. You were always my world. Writing and drawing are just… things I like doing but they are not my priority. It was you, it was always you. It is still you.”

And Yoongi swears… he swears the world just regained its colors. He swears this… weights that been on his chest forever is lifted by some miraculous hand.

“Don’t cry,” Jimin said, wiping Yoongi’s tears he didn’t even know he had. “Don’t cry.”
Yoongi licks his lips, biting his lower one in an attempt to keep his lips from shivering, “I never got over you.”

Jimin smiles, “I’m glad.”

Jimin kisses his cheek, gently, still cupping his other cheek. God, that gentleness.

“I never even tried getting over you. I knew it was useless,” Jimin whispered.

Yoongi can’t hold back anymore, taking Jimin’s hand to his lips for a gentle kiss, “Will you take me back now?”

Jimin looks at him fondly, as if memorizing every inch of his face.

“Just promise me one thing, hyung,” Jimin said.


“Shhhh,” Jimin smiles, as he puts his index finger on Yoongi’s lips. “I love you, Yoongi. I love you so much sometimes I think my heart will explode. I love you so much that the only way I could be happy… the only way I could even have a shot at being happy is if you are. So, if a time comes when I can’t make you happy anymore, promise me, you’ll tell me.”

“Jimin, that’s impossi…”

“Promise me, hyung, promise me you’ll tell me.”

Yoongi knows it’s impossible because all Jimin has to be is himself and Yoongi feels like he is the happiest man on Earth but he understands Jimin because he feels the exact same way.

“I promise,” Yoongi said

And so finally, finally… Jimin pulls him for a kiss.

Jimin is here, in his arms and Jimin’s lips are on his. And Jimin is moaning in his kiss. And Jimin. Jimin is his again.

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