Iridescent (A YoonMin / MiniMini Couple Multi Media Novel): Epilogue

Special host is Jaesuk Yoo

QUESTION: Why does Jimin and Suga never show their twin’s face or reveal their names?

Suga: They are too cute. You will die of cuteness. We don’t want to be murderers.
Jimin: *laughs*
Jungkook: True!
Jimin: Just to protect their privacy. Both are very active and very social. The last thing we want is for them to feel any different from everyone else. We want them to live normal childhoods. When they reach the right age, they can decide whether they want to show their face, reveal their names or not. It’s the same as what Jin hyung and Joonie hyung did with our eldest, Maeum and Mari.
Jin: And it wasn’t just as simple as the two telling us they don’t mind showing their faces. Mari was the first one to actually want to do it because he started getting into marine biology and wants to raise awareness about the need to take care of our environment. Maeum wants to do it because she started designing accessories using recycled materials. She said she wants to promote her business.

Q: Everyone knows that Maeum is doing well in her brand. She is just finished middle school and her brand is already distributed all over the US. How is Mari doing?

Joon: He just got certified as a diver and it looks like he really wants to be a marine biologist. A big part of our itinerary is for Mari to really get exposed to marine biology in different countries. He is a shy boy but very wise and mature. He said that he continues to do endorsements because he wants to save money so we don’t have to pay for his college.

Q: Really? Do you keep their earnings in a trust or something?

Jin: We do but we will pay for their college. It’s crazy. We worked so hard to ensure that their future is secure and now they don’t want us to pay for their school. It’s our responsibility. We’ll pay for it their college. They can keep the money they are making.

Q: Jhope and Taetae don’t seem to mind showing the faces of their girls.

Jhope: We do. We talked about it. We agreed that until they are two years old, we can show their faces but after that, we will stop. Then they can decide when they want to appear again publicly. You don’t see their faces anymore when we post.

Q: Jhope and Taetae only have girls and Jimin and Suga only have boys. Do you plan on having another one to have a boy and a girl?

Suga: At first, we both wanted one but… this is our whole family. Their kids are also my kids. I guess we just started not feeling the need to have a girl because Maeum and Taehui, Seonu and Seohyon are also our daughters. Our twins really consider them their sisters. So, eventually, we just didn’t feel the need to have one.

Jimin: We are not saying ‘never’ but we are simply not actively pursuing having one.

Jhope: It’s the same for us. The kids really consider each other as brothers and sisters. It was a huge problem in school because whenever they are asked for the names of their brothers and sisters, they write down or say everyone’s name. We always had to explain!

Taetae: We keep on telling them they are not brothers and sisters because we are shipping them with one another.

Jungkook: Tae!

Tae: Oh shus! Right now my Seohyun and Jimin and Suga’s boy are inseperable. I saw them kiss once.

Jimin: Oh my god!

Jin: I hope this is not the twin that kissed my girl.

Suga: I am so proud of my boys!

Joon: We should teach our girls to be hard-to-get

Suga: They are hard to get but no one can resist my boys.

Jhope: I do not approve of this union! Wait, which twin is kissing our girl? Depends which twin.

Tae: The older one!

Jhope: Yes!

Suga: Hey, what’s wrong with the younger one?

Jhope: Your younger one is in love with Jin’s girl.

Jin: No, that’s the older one!

Jimin: Oh my god.

Suga: I’m a proud father.

Jungkook: We’re the worst parents in the history of parents.

*cut… people are laughing too loud and too much*

Q: Jungkook’s children are the youngest. You had yours later than the others. You also married Yugyeom late. Was that planned? Were you trying to be careful?

Jungkook: I don’t know. *laughs*. Well, I am the youngest in the group and you have to understand that while I was growing up, I was surrounded by really beautiful love and partnerships and friendships. I mean, Jimin and Suga, Joon and Jin, Tae and Jhope, they are soulmates. I guess, subconsciously I was looking for that kind of love, that beautiful, that pure… apparently, it’s not easy to find!

Q: And Yugyeom is that for you?

Jungkook: Yes. Yugyeom is that for me. I have been friends with him for a long time. Since I moved to LA from Detroit. He was the first friend I had outside of Cypher & Fam. I just didn’t think of seeing him that way because, well… he is a friend. I went looking for it somewhere else, I didn’t realize it was right beside me all along. Oh, but… I am not saying my first marriage was a mistake. I mean, it obviously didn’t work out but I learned a lot from her. She is a beautiful person, she just wanted something different and I wanted something different.

Q: Are you still friends with her?

Jungkook: I guess you could say that. We don’t get to hang out regularly but yes, we are friends. We started of as friends, we ended the marriage as friends and we will remain friends. She’s a great girl.

Q: Unlike the others, you adopted your daughter when you were still single and Yugyeom adopted his son when he was single. How was it blending the family?
Jungkook: There was no blending that happened. We are a family from the get go. We were best of friends for a long time. When I adopted our daughter, he was already in my life and he was an active part. The same thing happened when he adopted our son.

Q: With this break you are about to take, you said you guys will be traveling a lot, how will the kids study?

Joon: They will schooled on the road. We have arrangements for that.

Q: Is this non-stop traveling?

Jin: We will be staying in places longer than usual tourists will. We won’t be hopping to another city every two days. We want the kids to get immersed in different cultures, learn different things, meet different people. We don’t want to give away too much but let’s just say we will not be dragging our kids like nomads.

Q: Your babysitting rotation has been pretty popular, will this carry on while you’re traveling?

Jhope: More or less. The babysitting rotation started almost as soon as Jin and Joon had their first baby. We know it is important for them to continue having some alone time and still feel secure that their kids are being taken cared of. Then as we had our own babies, we just continue adding babies to the sitting. *laughs* During this travel, we will be spending more time with each other. There is no distraction of work but we are still constantly with the kids. The plan is still to have that alone time with our partners. So, we are going to continue it.

Q: Will you have music equipment with you?

Suga: Yes. Jiminie will have his drawing materials and, of course, computer. Jungkook will have his camera and Tae will have his mouth. Yes, we will continue doing what we love doing even while we are on the road.

Q: How long do you think this will last?

Tae: Right now, two-three years but we’ll never know. If the kids feel like staying in one place longer, we will. If we feel like going back to LA for some time before going to the next destination, we will.

Q: Why? Why do this? You guys can go on vacation anytime, why avoid the limelight?

Jungkook: Because of the kids. When we are visible, they become more prone to attention. Because of us. We work hard so we could have a good life, comfortable, luxurious even. We want to enjoy that. We want to enjoy that with the people we love the most. We offer so much of ourselves to our fans, to the media, to the world. Maybe asking for three years to ourselves won’t be so much to ask.

Q: Whose idea is this whole thing?

Everyone: The kids

Jimin: Mari told me. When Mari and Maeum were still the only kids we had, they both loved having such a big family and they both love traveling. He said someday, he wanted us to travel the world and just be a family and not celebrities. I told them about it and eventually, as we started having children, it was something we just knew we were going to do. It was just a matter of timing.

Q: So, why now?

Jhope: Timing. This is the perfect time. Mari and Maeum are young man and woman now and all the other kids are in that age where they are aware and are able to appreciate traveling, culture, experiences and people. Just the other day, Suga and Jimin’s twins were collaborating with someone from Japan on some animation they are working on. Collaborating! Imagine that.

Suga: They were creating their own track for a short animated short film Jimin did that has not been released and it’s freakin’ badass, let me tell you.

Q: Really? Looks like they inherited your talent.

Suga: They are better.

Jhope: They are very aware now. At the same time, they are still at that stage when they still like hanging out with us because we all know how fast these kids grow up. This is the perfect time to do it.

Suga: I also think this is good for us as couples. We are all so busy. We all work so hard. We don’t want to wake up one day and realize we missed so much of our husbands’ life. We want to give them the best years of our lives too.

Q: You guys are still whipped for each other.

Joon: That never changed.

Q: How do you do it, though? I mean, almost every couple I’ve met always say staying married is a lot of work. Was there ever a time you wanted out?

Everyone: No.

Q: Wow. Really?

Jhope: There were a lot of times it was hard. That much is true. We are not happy 24/7. We have problems like any other couple but there was never a time, I think it’s clear I can speak for everyone, there was never a time we wanted out.

Joon: Even when we fight or angry at each other or we still love each other and we know that. We are sure of that. I think that’s what makes it work, the security of knowing that love is there, no matter what so it’s easier to work through problems, arguments, whatever.

Suga: When we fight, Jimin wins. It all works out.

Everyone laughs.

Q: Seriously, Suga. Everyone is so amazed at just how whipped you are with Jimin. I mean, everyone is with their partners. So, I guess it’s not just “making it work” but actually keeping the fire burning.

Suga: I am lucky to have the kindest, purest and hot husband. Falling in love with him over and over again is easy but in turn, I try to make him fall in love with me too. It’s both the little things and the big things. I try to be the best version of myself in every way everyday. That’s the most important things. And then there are the “cute” things you, know. He is hot. There’s like, a million people out there that would jump at any chance to get him. I can’t be as hot as he is but I try my best.

Jimin is laughing.

Jimin: What are you talking about. You’re the one with a billion fans.

Suga: They just like my music. They like you.

Jimin is so red, waving at the camera as if to say stop the recording.

Suga: I’m fuckin’ serious. I’m supposed to be the celebrity but he has more suitors. We go out to have dinner and I can’t blink without having 5 girls and guys try to give him their number.

Jimin: Oh my god, he is making this up.

Suga: May the heaven strike me with lighting right now if I am lying. When was that… oh, just last week. I went to visit him at Marvel, I bought coffee, his favorite muffin and i bought one long-stemmed rose. When I entered his room, there were four… fuckin’ four bouquets with a dozen flowers each. I fuckin’ look like a loser.

Jimin: That never happened.

Suga: You know what his assistant told me? Mr. Min, that rose better be made of diamonds because you’re so getting owned right now.

Suga: Stop making up stories! *laughing*

Jin: This is a true story. He actually called me panicking. He said he needs to outdo those idiots courting Jimin.

Jungkook: What did you advise?

Jin: I told him to give Jimin the best kiss he has ever had.

Q: So did you?

Suga: I tried.

*Jimin is still laughing*

Q: Tried?

Suga: He kept on laughing, I couldn’t kiss him properly.

Jimin: How will I not laugh? He barged into my room and shoved all the bouquets of flowers on my desk, broke my stapler, my puncher, my desk organizer, countless pencils and my file organizer! Then said “I will give you the best kiss you’ve ever had.” Oh my god, my room was a mess.

Suga: That was supposed to be romantic!

Jimin: The stapler landed on my assistant’s foot!

Suga: That brat deserves it.

Q: I think it’s safe to say humour plays a big part in keeping the fire alive.

Suga: I wasn’t trying to be funny!

Q: I guess we will close this with a message from each of you to your fans, the Tribe that has been supporting Cypher & Fam.

Jungkook: Well, thank you for everything. We promise to take care of the kids, be the best parents we can be to them. Hopefully, all the experiences we will gain will make us better artists when we come back.

Jhope: Triiiibbbbeeee! This is not goodbye. Definitely not goodbye. We can never leave you guys. We just want to be parents and husbands full time for a while but this is possible only because you made it possible. So, thank you. From the bottom of my heart. Thank you.

Jin: First, thank you to everyone who watched and will watch my movie, which Jungkook directed, The House. Thank you so much for the kind reviews. It was a meaningful project for me, it’s the first time Jungkook and I worked together in a full length movie. Thank you to the Tribe. Thank you for extending your support to me and thank you for supporting my husband and the rest of my family. Thank you. I will take care of them, make sure they stay healthy. I love you.

Joon: Tribe, thank you soooo much for everything. We will miss you. Please please take care of yourselves. Live your life to the fullest, spend it being a better person, better son or daughter or partner, better friend. Spend it loving your family, whether it’s biological or, like us, family that we chose. Love them. That’s important. See you soon.

Suga: Everyone pretty much said everything. So, Tribe, please know that you will never leave our minds and hearts. Please know that everything we have, everything we are, you made it possible. We owe it to you. So we promise to be back with better music, novels, movies, shows, better us.

Jimin: Well…

Tae: Wait, wait. The original plan was for me to say the last word because, well, this is my show but I am sure everyone will agree if I say that Jimin should close this. We are all taking a leave from our careers and Jimin is everyone’s manager so… he should close it. I’ll go first. Tribe, you have no idea how much our heart swells with all the love you have showered us from the beginning. Thank you soooooo much. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for always having our back. Thank you for helping us be better in our craft. Thank you for loving us. We hope that we, in turn, made a difference in your lives as much as you have made a difference in ours. See you soon.

Jimin: Wow… I didn’t… Okay… oh… I think I am going to cry. Wait. Uhm… when we all came together, the 7 of us and eventually 8, with Yugyeom. Yeom, you’re a part of this fam. When we all came together, it honestly felt like we were bonded by our… sadness. We had less than perfect families. We had felt unwanted and worthless. I thought, then, oh, we are together because we had nothing better. Slowly, as we grew up together, went through life together, I realized that we were slowly loving each other. First as… companions… then as people we have the same interest… then as friends… and then finally as family. We are together as a family because we choose to be and that’s what makes our family even stronger. It’s because no one forces us to be together, not blood, not the law, it’s us. We choose to be a family. It’s the same with Tribe’s support for us. We all succeed because Tribe chooses Cypher and us. You choose us. So, I hope that if there is anything we leave behind as we go into this temporary goodbye it is that, the importance of choosing to do the thing you love the most, choosing to be the person you want to become, choosing to live your life the way you feel you should. Choose to live. Choose your passion. Choose to love because it will bring your happiness and peace. Thank you, Tribe. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. We will come back but for now, please, please live your passion and be sure to love. We’ll see you again.


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