Aswang (Monsters)

Gust, Min, Temi, and Jackson are disgraces to their respective powerful monster lineage because they just can't get the hang of being monsters. Monumentally broke, downright desperate, and totally lost, they decided to enroll in a superhero school for free food and free dorm.

It is not coincidence that Asians make the best scary movies. Monsters, ghosts, supernatural beings with powers, abilities and stories beyond our imagination dwell among us.

Gust, Min, Temi and Jackson are four of such beings.

Gust is a Gumiho or Shapeshifter. Coming from a Korean lineage of powerful beings that can take the form of anything they so desire, they also possess great strength, ability to 'suggest' to someone's mind and other powers.

Min is a Tsukimono-suji or a Witch. Witches are known for being able to move objects with their mind, use dolls or spells to put curses on people, and through time, develop other abilities.

Temi is a Manananggal or Viscera. They are famed gruesome monsters who cut their bodies in half everytime there's a full moon to feast on human flesh. They have wings and fangs.

Jackson is a psychic medium. They can talk with the dead and get possessed by spirits, good or bad.

By all accounts, having these four in one place spells horror, one that could cause nightmares, deaths, heart attacks, and trauma.

Except Gust, Min, Temi and Jackson are horrible at being monsters. I mean, like, the worst. Ultimate losers. Horrendous. Total waste of time.

Gust never ever shape shifts to his desired form. He once tried to become a tiger, he ended up being a rat and got caught into a mousetrap. Idiot.

Min once tried to use a doll to inflict pain on a boy who bullied him in school. He ended up giving his father pimples on his butt. His father has never let him live that one down.

Temi is a vegetarian. So, like, useless. A chopped liver would have been more valuable. He is also a guy, the only male Viscera in the history of Visceras. Spell embarrassing.

And to this day, people still believe Jackson does not talk spirits. He is probably suffering from Schizophrenia and mistakes his other personalities as ghosts.

When these four dumbasses walk in to Seattle's School for the Gifted, a school for future superheroes, they are all that is wrong for it.

Except a bored registrar decided to end her boring life in the school and accept the four.

So, like... shit, right?

EPISODE LIST OF ASWANG: They are MONSTERS (and also dorks and broke)
Character Introduction
Episode 1: Begin
Episode 2: Opening Ceremony
Episode 3: Marrione's Wrath
Episode 4: Officially Hero Students

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