How On Earth: The Adventures of Minnie & Yookie

How on Earth chronicles the funny, amusing, confusing and heartwarming adventures of Yooki and Minnie, born enemies but living as friends.


Yooki is the son of Lucifer. Born a middle son, he grew up with the least attention and guidance from his father. It is what started his hobby of going on solo adventures.

Born and raised in hell, he doesn’t really know what is “happiness”. However, he does feel something "different" when he goes on solo adventures. After middle school, he asked his father if he can go on a long adventure and his father said, “whatever”.

So, he left hell and went to Earth promising that by the time he comes home, the whole of hell will admire him and realize he is worth to be a leader just like his siblings.


Minnie is the son of Cupid. Cupid is one of the most admired and loved angels in heaven.

Although Minnie has so many brothers and sisters, he is sheltered, well-loved and well provided for in heaven. It is this same love and appreciation that makes him feel inadequate. He often thinks that he doesn’t deserve all the love because he has never done anything to warrant it except to be born.

After he graduated from middle school, he asked his parents if he could go on a solo vacation. With the condition that he will call his parents daily, he was allowed. He decided to go down to Earth in the hopes of "finding himself".

Yooki & Minnie 

Both were granted the ability to hide their wings, halo and horns. Yooki has been on Earth several days roaming aimlessly when he finds a Earth-newbie Minnie. Unaware of Yooki’s identity, Minnie forces himself into the life of an unwilling Yooki.

Yooki was scared, at first, to let Minnie know he is the son of Lucifer but when Minnie learned about it and refuses to leave Yooki, they forge a beautiful, odd but nonetheless pure friendship angels admire and demons envy.


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