Meraki: Coming Soon

Edge is an acknowledged music and creative genius. His music is sang by millions, his concerts are much awaited by the world. His music videos are groundbreaking and his creative ventures are always fresh and original.

He is also a certified asshole.

He and his friends are known as the Millennial Brat Pack or The Squad. Tales of their all-night parties that always end up with a police visit are abundant. They apparently destroy hotel rooms, bars, and cars they don't even own.

There are countless of women who proudly tell their, errrr, interesting encounter with The Squad. Then there are the countless of law suits by reporters, mostly against Edge, for libel or physical injuries.

Although some of Edge's friends sometimes correct rumors, Edge has never bothered. He has proven that being known as an asshole saves him a lot of trouble. It makes paparazzis think twice about following him and it gives him free PR. He gets to concentrate in making music and art, his reputation takes care of selling his music and art.

He is contented with his life... until he got a call from his family asking him to go home for thanksgiving.

Maybe it was rebellion or desperation that pushed him to ask Archie, their new Production Assistant and a rumored paid escort, to go home with him and pretend to be his girlfriend for three days.




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